Janessa Kobza's Life Perspective Blog

Pessimist from lifes challenges, but hopeful at heart.
" The way I see it isn't necessarily the way you see it"
Main focus of my blog:
  • Living with mental illness.
  • Loving those with mental illness.
  • How to handle difficult situations.
  • Grief, happiness, love and success.
  • Fitness.
  • Changing your attitude and perspective.

Popped into this world on May 4th, 1992. Raised by a mother with a mental illness and a father who did his best to make it as normal as he possibly could. Lived in good ole' Nebraska until the age of 18. Went to college in Kansas to figure out life on my own and to find my purpose.

Went to college for almost 6 years before finding my purpose. Dysfunctional is my normal. The human mind interests me, wanting to understand mental illness is my focus while educating and spreading awareness about mental illness is my passion.

Pessimist from these life experiences, but working on seeing life in a postive way. Follow my journey of my pessimistic life. My goal is to give readers the perspective of how one individual handles lifes curve balls and how to handle them in a healthy positive manner.